Final Words of Wisdom

Final Words of Wisdom
from the macguru
(circa de Taos 1993)

1. It is all done with ones and zeros and can not be explained.

2. Select and Do.

3. Where’s your stuff?

4. A name for everything and a place for every name.

5. When dealing with bitmap images:
”Make half as many pixels as your output device will create.”

6. When preparing exportable EPS logos:
”Convert Text to Outlines.”

7. To convert Illustrator EPS drawings to a bitmap:
”Rasterize with PhotoShop.”

8. To convert PhotoShop bitmaps into EPS drawings:
”Save as 72 DPI PICT file, then open and trace in Illustrator,
OR, convert with Adobe Streamline.”

9. Web pages should be fast and logical.

10. Check your web pages with Lynx and at least one other browser.

This was my business card in Taos, New Mexico way back in the last millennium.



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