About RebelTao

2008 – I used to be a lot more certain about everything. The rolling by of the years is giving me a much greater appreciation of my own ignorance..

2019 – Eleven years later, ignorance is my lens for life.
It is only through recognition of what I do not know that I am able to identify that which is reliable; the pin hole at the center of my ignorance is where I find clear focus.

I am a rebel from the land of Jim Crow; an arrogant, ignorant, inarticulate spokesperson for the Tao that is the The Way of Jesus. My arrival was near the middle of the Twentieth Century, I will exit much further into the 21st, than I ever expected to see.

Those who are familiar with Taoism should laugh at my claim to “spokesperson”. Folks knowledgeable of American religious culture will likely scoff at my notions about The Way of Jesus. If it were not laughed at, it would not be Tao, and scoffing, just comes with The Way of Jesus.

No stumbling rock chooses to start an avalanche. No mountain is warned when it is being cast into the sea. When the immutable speaks the unmovable gives way. It is time for a new organizing principle.

This old Geezer has come to see that The Way became an underground movement around the year 303 of the Common Era. When faced with the choice of becoming part of official Roman Empire political commerce, the followers lowered their heads and kept their practice to themselves. The Way of Jesus has  salted the earth inconspicuously for nearly two millennia; both within and without the flow of religious culture.

Simply said, it is “Be Like Him.” That simplicity is adequate for all the complexities of one’s inner life and one’s relationships with family, community and the world at large.

Reality is real. The observable universe does not have to be redefined to conform to The Way. Empiricism does not make non-sense of The Way. Miracles are not required to see truth. We are twinkles appearing and disappearing on the unimaginably vast canvas of space-time. No matter how small or brief we may be, love transcends scale.

We have reached a nexus of history where expressions of thought and information can be transmitted worldwide instantly with very little cost. Such time as I have left here, my purpose is to be of service to those in The Way, through “publishing.” It is my hope that like minded family and friends will join me in producing and publishing resources for our fellow travelers. To fund the growth of this community venture I will give away digital versions of everything we publish and also invite folks to purchase that which I give freely. If the work has integrity it will attract that support.

This is not a non-profit religious venture, it is a profit purposed business. We will pay all our taxes and make our tax returns public. Political action by non-profit religious organizations have loosened the restrictions on religious expression in “for profit” private enterprise. Our venture will take full advantage of those new freedoms of expression. Such profits as we accrue will be used without the restrictions placed on non-profits. We will have no customer lists, no membership lists, no direct solicitations. It is still a dangerous world for those in The Way. Some of us will come out in the open to do this work, yet we will protect the anonymity of those we serve.

I’ll keep you posted!

Jimmy Tucker, AKA RebelTao, aka The Old Geezer, aka Profit Naman Adrissi Withelden

dba: Transcendent Beans Hidden in the Dirt Garden Club
December 14, 2019

One thought on “About RebelTao

  1. Jim, out of all of the people I know, you are the least ignorant – if indeed you are even ignorant with the exception of perhaps in the mating rituals of the Phyllobates frog.

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