I call myself a Darwinian evolutionist; I am also an uneducated hack who is a follower of Jesus. My personal trifecta.  The uneducated label stems from my abandonment of classroom tutelage and overestimation of my witty insights; I’m just bright enough to pass for smart. Not that I’m not curious; I’ve chased some interesting rabbits down knowledge holes. I’ve learned enough freestyle, to be in awe of my own ignorance.  Starting with a comic book version of Darwin’s ideas about species origins, I meandered through an amateur’s perusal of astrophysics, biology and paleontology, which eventually overcame my cultural conditioning regarding … Continue reading REVEALED RELIGION

Email to Everybody – 1995

Theoretically, I guess I could have sent this to all thirty million addresses on the internet. Instead, I just sent it to you. You being the La Plaza Telecommunity (at least the members who have not resigned from being part of everybody) If you are still reading, this far down the page you probably know me personally and have some curiosity as to what my point is. Or else you must spend a lot of time reading messages from people you don’t know about things you never asked about. In case you are someone I really know and particularly if … Continue reading Email to Everybody – 1995